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SnipShare: Social Media Now Works for the Boss. 

About SnipShare:
A free, curated dashboard brings social media to CEOs and executives. SnipShare brings together social media, news, and relevant widgets with customization, recommendations and fully-integrated social media access in one online application.  

With its ready-made content, ease of customization and integration, SnipShare removes the stress of managing social media.
What Is SnipShare?
SnipShare assists executives in leveraging social media.  We give you tools, not talk.

Why You Need SnipShare
The exploding world of social media can be overwhelming, but it is critical that executives make the monitoring of social media a part of every business day. Our very reason for existence is to help executives embrace social media, anticipate trends, and save time. 
We're your social media secret weapon.  Find out how.  Read our free whitepaper: The CEO, Social Media and Competitive Intelligence

For Individuals

SnipShare is a Social Media news portal that works while you sleep, to keep you ahead of your competition, help you anticipate trends, and save you time. Even if you have never used Social Media or belonged to any network, this portal will be your secret weapon. Think of SnipShare as your Social Media administrative assistant.  SnipShare is FREE for individuals - why not try it?

Too busy to even customize? Not to worry. We can interview you and build your own personal version that focuses on your business and your needs.

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Private Label
For Your Business

Social Media can be a fabulous source of information, but, if left unmanaged and up to each employee, can waste time and take focus away from your core mission. A custom portal solves this dilemma. We build company-centric portals with blazing speed and astonishing flexibility.

  • Your portal can take any shape, or any style, and respond to the needs of any community at a fraction of the cost of a custom solution.
  • You and your staff decide on the most important sources of information-news, videos, audio, social media--and create a dashboard that keeps everyone in your company in the know and focused on the information you want them focused on.
  • As circumstances change, the portal can adapt instantly.

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Private Label For Your
Association or Network

CEOExpress Corporate allows for cascading content through multiple levels of portals enabling an association, network, or larger business to connect with different groups providing unique content, look and feel, offers, and features.

  • Channel your customers thinking through just in time information and services.
  • Each end user has a fully customizable dashboard.
  • Allow for local content editors via the permissions center.
  • Enjoy a custom solution at a fraction of the cost.

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